Sharing my world

I have not been too enthusiastic about writing anything in the past week.  I am still not in the groove, but start I must, somewhere.  How better than answering Cee’s questions?

Here are my answers to this week’s share your world questions

What goal are you working on now?

Must I have a goal?  I do have a bunch of backlog work.  My house (esp kitchen and my clothes cupboard) need cleaning.  Of the industrial variety. I feel a little smothered by a couple of life issues that I cannot disclose.  I need to find a way to deal with them.

In the big picture, I want more mindfulness in life.  Seems like a life goal to me.

What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?

Having a child.  The most powerful, life-altering, mind boggling, intensely satisfying and irreplaceable experience – not just the giving birth bit, but the whole parenting shebang.  But once is enough, thank you.

Did you choose your profession or did it choose you?

Either way, I am so glad it happened when it did.  I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life.  Yes, it comes with its own package of frustrations (e.g. A document I am editing wants to “solutionize” the problem and give me a stroke), nevertheless…this profession is choice supreme. Whether the wand chose the wizard or the wizard, the wand, is immaterial; the magic is all that matters.

Have you ever gotten lost?

All the effing time.  I have the sense of direction of a fossil.  The only direction I recognize is down, given that gravity is quite a dog and all that.  I am even getting lost in my daily nightmares.  Usually inside large empty buildings.

Grateful for/looking forward to:

I am grateful that everything passes.

I am looking forward to getting back the writing mojo.  I may have kickstarted it.



Ideally today’s post will be a repeat of yesterday’s.  Do you regret that my deadline got over?  I don’t blame you.

Let me list all the ways that today is bugging me:

a.  I forgot to take in the clothes from the clothes line yesterday and it rained.  I have two sets of daily wear, of which one was wet, and hence, I wore the other, which are my gym clothes – capris and t-shirt.  It is a clean enough outfit – washed and pressed, not too faded or crumpled, yet I always feel like I have just gymmed whenever I wear it – like I haven’t showered.   Don’t ask why. I have such weird quirks in life.

b. I sprained my neck last night. Need I say more?

c. Sat with math with my kid.  Realised she was terribly backlogged from class and there was considerable catching up to do. With this and that, the math session took four hours.  I am exhausted.  And have a headache to boot.  The only saving thought is that the kid probably understood polynomials.  As did I !

d. Had taken the kid and her friends to Guardians of galaxy at the local open air theater last night.  Couldn’t sit beyond the first scene. So, I let the kids watch the movie by themselves and decided to come out and sit by myself, sorting out my thoughts and being alone in silence instead of that Godawful din of the movie.  But when I got out of the theater, I was in a very restless, even agitated mood (from the day’s aggravations) and  couldn’t sit in one place.  So ended up pacing up and down the street for two hours straight.  My legs hurt now.

e. I have been getting emails from clients all weekend asking me to send me their stuff soon.  IT IS WEEKEND FOLKS. WEEKEND. I need weekends to NOT work.  Sheesh.

f. Am I coming down with a cold or flu or something? Oh bother.

You know, I have at least seven more complaints, but I am out of patience.

I hope this, to use the clinical term, “bitchiness” passes soon.




There are those days and THOSE days.

Today is one of THOSE.

The Zen master inside me says the world cannot irritate me, only I can be irritated.

The rest of me gives the Zen master a rude finger.

The zen master smiles and irritates me further.

Bare your head folks, for you just saw the smile of a dying master.

PS:  I promise I did not attempt to write poetry.

PS2: I also promise this is not hormonal.  AT least not for me.  Everyone around seems to be swinging wildly though.

I am back

…I think.

Met a deadline two days ago, I wouldn’t say with aplomb, but more along the lines of limpingly.  I wrote less number of proposals than usual, and with two of the four I wrote, I am not too satisfied.  Still into all life, some rain must fall.

Talking of rains.  We finally got a few showers this past week.  Not enough to sustain man, but enough to perk up the plants outside.  And cool the city that was beginning to fume.  I love this weather again.  But, we need more rain.  Lot more rain.   The drought is pretty menacing already.

I will write more, but for now, I have a grad-school classmate lunch ahead of me.

Just a small note to say, I hope you haven’t forgotten me.

Hiatus or not

  1. The kid’s school reopens Monday and it will take us a week or so to get into some sort of sane routine.
  2. A whopper work deadline on 22nd.

So, I may not be around here too much.

Or I may.

Lets see how it goes. Meanwhile send me lots of energy for the next fortnight.

Also, to heck with anonymity…obviously the confident, stylish lady on the still of the video that you see below is not me, but I am there somewhere.  As is the kid ! Not hard to spot at all.