I met one deadline with a day to spare. Another looms large.

I entertain 20 visitors everyday, it seems. It was simply an open house yesterday. “For all your social ineptitude, you know too many people”, says the kid. She can’t wait for Navarathri to end!

Do you think I need psychiatric help if I am panicking at the idea of the end of this crazy busy-ness in a week? The devil’s workshop scares me.

Hope all are well.



You’ve Got Mail

Anything I write as a preamble to this post would be lame….
So, just dive right in.

that which i am

Connect:bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established. eg. “the electrodes were connected to a recording device”

attach, join, fasten, fix, affix, couple, link, bridge, secure, make fast, tie, tie up, bind, fetter, strap, rope, tether, truss, lash, hitch, moor, anchor, yoke, chain;

    • join together so as to provide access and communication.
    • link to a power or water supply
    • associate or relate (something) in some respect.
    • form a relationship or feel an affinity.
    • provide or have a link or relationship with
    • Late Middle English from Latin connectere, from con- ‘together’ + nectere ‘bind’.

It is amazing how one can work with someone or know someone for years and never make deeper connections. Then you chat with a complete stranger you have never even seen and in minutes you have found a friend lost since another lifetime. (and of course when they offer…

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Colossal work deadline on 15th October.

Super-colossal work deadline on 24th October.

Navarathri until 19th October.

Surviving on 4 hours sleep daily, and overworking.

I needn’t have done the Navarathri binge, but the masochist that I am…

If you don’t hear from me on your blogs, or replies to your comments, please feel free to imagine a particular brain being fried to a crisp.

Happy Navarathri


Scaled up from last year.

Recap: Navrathri – nine days celebrating the three Goddess – those of valour, wealth and learning.

Top picture:  Doll display called “Golu”. At the foot of the steps is the century old idol of the Goddess of Learning passed down from great great grandma.

The bottom picture:  The vertical images (Chakra and Counch) are symbols of my religious sect, hand made by yours truly using fancy stones on OHP sheets.  The horizontal ones are rangoli, free hand designs using colour powder.

If in Chennai, welcome home for tambulam.

If elsewhere, virtual tambulam to you.


Half of an earthly day

I’ve been writing almost continuously for 12 hours today, with minor breaks for intake and output alone.

I am a tad bit proud of myself, exhausted as hell, and in abject panic because of the volume of work ahead.

I have another twelve-hour work day tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

A tiny laugh but much worry

Today the earth went around the sun 46 times from the day I was born.

Kid: appa, we need to get Amma a gift.

Dad: And it needs to be something only she would use and we won’t share.

Mon: You should get me a bra then.

Dad and daughter face palm.


The Kid is lying on my bed, burning a fever. She threw up every morsel she ate all day today, and her periods are giving her grief.

It’s close to midnight. I am lying beside her, unable to sleep. I can feel the heat from her body and she looks like an old rag doll, my heart’s breaking.

I will take her to my family physician tomorrow but for now, I am worried sick.

Oh, I wish I could take her illness from her…


I had a dream

My hormonal dreams are back.  When I say dreams, I gloss over how horrible they are.  Last night, for instance, I dreamt that I lost my way (I lose my way a lot in my dreams; Freud would attribute it to something sexual I am sure, but I just think I am seriously lost in life, and push back the uncomfortable questions and doubts into the dark underbelly of subconsciousness, which get back at me in dreams) to an exam hall, finally get there, read the question paper, the question says “Why did wearing of red robes by nuns in the Vatican result in world war II” (do you think I can make that up?), and I have no clue.  I also realised that I don’t have a paper to write on, and awoke in cold sweat.

I also have interesting split persona dreams – while a dream is unraveling, another part of me is a spectator of it, and provides a running commentary for my benefit. For example, in the above dream, the second me kept saying “are you going to ever stop dreaming about exams…but thank God, at least you are not naked in this one.  Why are you dreaming about nuns wearing red?  It’s not even period time yet…”.

My paternal uncle (and I’ve said this before), has Alzheimer’s.  Whenever I get such dreams, I worry.  What if the dreams of now are harbingers of cognitive decline in my later years?  Oh well.


Lately, I’ve been making lifestyle changes to my life.  This comes from the realisation that I am perhaps in the geometric middle of my lifespan, and from here-on, unless I clean up my lifestyle, it’s going to get pretty choppy.  Not that I had too much of a messy lifestyle, but the stubborn visceral fat tells a minor tale of its own.  So apart from nutritional balance etc., I have adopted the practice of daily “abhayangam” – a daily 15 minute oil self-massage before showering.  It’s been three months, and the effects seem to show now.  Three people have told me in the past week that my skin’s glowing.  I suspect they saw me at dusk when the lighting was just right, but still, I’d like to attribute it to the abhayangam.

I’d definitely recommend it to mid-lifers.


I have one chapter to write, one paper to edit and one media report to frame for the next two days.  I also have six proposals to write in the next three weeks.  And the kid’s exams are on, so intensive tutoring as well.


So, that’s my Monday.  How have you been?