Daily Medley

Schoolday mornings are when I have an ambulance on standby, just in case I pop a vein.  Given that the family is predominantly nocturnal, both the kid and I are not our happiest selves until the sun is directly overhead.  Add to it the only large personality difference between us – “time” being an abstract concept to her, and self being a clock-watching maniac, we tred land mine terrain.  My neurosis is that when you car pool (or visit someone or have a scheduled activity planned), the atomic clock is not precise enough.  Her philosophy is that the time to listen to Taylor Swift while searching for socks and shoes is after the we’ll-be-there-in-a-minute phone call from the carpool partner.   The kid is used to the hysteria that follows. I am not and it takes a fairly long time for the agitation to subside after she leaves.  It does not help that my domestic chores are only half done by then, and getting back to a messy (have I told you I am a domestic demon?) kitchen all but kills me.

But on the up-side, I held a work deadline by its horns today and emerged victorious, a full four hours early.  Full points to the clock-watching maniac.   I may not be a domestic goddess, but fall on your knees and worship me, you corporate inferiors.

I also had time to meet a college friend over lunch today- it was wonderful.  The best part of lunch was that we didn’t speak a word about college days. I couldn’t have because I don’t remember much of it, looks like she didn’t either.   This is what an all-girls college can do to raging hormones – blank out three whole years of what was possibly fun.  I don’t remember.

Now it’s time to take in the sights and sounds of our lovely wooded neighbourhood and burn some of the calories of lunch.

Until tomorrow then…





8 thoughts on “Daily Medley

  1. Maha

    I hear you. Between morning and evening tension, evenings tend to overwhelm me because I struggle switching gears from work to home, prepare dinner, feed something substantial, give a bath and head out for extra activities in that one hour window. Gotta get better at managing that madness.

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      1. christybharath

        I studied in an All-Boys Catholic school, and Loyola which was then a Totally-Boys Catholic college. They scared me even though I wasn’t any different. Whenever someone’s sister or especially attractive mother showed up, there was a zombie swarming.

        Puberty of the Dead.


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