The quirks of being an LG

  1.  I can’t sleep at night until I have washed my feet and brushed my teeth.  Sometimes when I have fallen asleep sans routine, with utter exhaustion after a day of maniacal house cleaning (see point 5), I  wake up sometime in the middle of the night, wash my feet, brush my teeth and go back to bed.
  2. I may be the only person in the whole world who loves kovakkai (ivy guard, Coccinia grandis for the nerd).  I don’t make it often because it is not fair to the other vegetables. Besides, my family and everyone I know hate it.
  3. I am generous to a fault with my material things in that I can only give away completely.  I cannot share.  It’s yours or mine, never ours.  The outcome – I can’t read if my kindle is shared with someone else.  I can’t cook if someone else is even standing in my kitchen.  And hands off my laptop- seriously, hands off. The bed is probably the one thing I share with one other person (ahem), but just that one person (and sometimes one other mini-person who has had a nightmare, but this mini-person has slept inside me for a few months, so what’s the bed?) . Sometimes when extended family visits and lies down on my bed, I sit on thorns.
  4. I am a rare minimalist when it comes to clothes.  I have in all, one nightwear, two salwar suits, one pair of jeans, two shirts and a reasonable number of undergarments.  I have 12 sarees – far more than I need, but that’s only because people keep gifting me sarees. People, stop gifting me sarees. Especially the kind with glitters that makes my skin crawl just thinking about.
  5. The periodic precarious fall of oestrogen and progesterone not only delivers killer punches to every organ south of the ribcage, but makes me a maniacal cleaner.  I groan as I dust the cobwebs, polish all surfaces, sweep the floor until the mop disappears, fold clothes (which, going by point 4, is not much), dust cobwebs again because I missed a few, polish more surfaces because there are a lot of surfaces, sweep the floor with a new mop, refold clothes and decide they need a hand wash and while we are at it, hand-wash the bed linen, find more cobwebs and dust and the process continues until my body sheds tears of blood (eww!) and the rest of my body can’t stand it anymore.  I fall asleep only to wake up in a few hours to brush my teeth and wash my feet and find some more cobwebs.
  6. During point (5) I stay off the kitchen because I seriously detest cleaning the kitchen. I detest anything to do with the kitchen.  Including sharing – see point (3).
  7.  I am a messy person and mess drives me insane.  I am chronically insane.
  8. I am always hungry.  I eat something every hour.  I kept my weight at 55kg from the time I was 20 for two decades (baring few months in between when I was two people).  The forties, however, don’t take too kindly to my quirk and show up as additional numbers on the weighing machine.  I threw out the weighing machine.
  9. I love using semi-colons in my formal writing.  Archaic, I know.
  10. I bite my nails.  Yes, I am 43 and I bite my nails.  Deal with it.

5 thoughts on “The quirks of being an LG

  1. Carol

    Oh my – time for something soothing, perhaps a cup of tea? Or something stronger? Breathe deeply, remember over the long haul a little mess will not matter at all. I could give lessons on being lazy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LG

      Ideally I would like something that would remove the hormones from the equation. I suppose i have a few more years of juice left in me before I can claim a less neurotic life.

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  2. The Girl in Blue Jeans

    Hello hello! Just thought of letting you know that if you get a wordpress notification that ‘your stats are booming!’ it’s cos I am sort of wading through your archives 🙂 And I had to stop and comment cos while I was reading this very post, I was eating, no, make that relishing a whole bowl of Ivy Gourd curry! I am a fellow lover of this vegetable, and I think it features in my top 3 even – why would anyone not like it?

    That being said, your blog is refreshing! And my Monday noon has just gotten a whole lot better!

    Liked by 1 person


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