Daily Medley – 11-Sept-16

The day so far, has been spent mothering the kid – those, I regret, don’t happen as often as I like these days – the kid is in the “leave me alone” age now, but there are times when the dictatorial maternal instinct unceremoniously sweeps all complaints away and and makes me proclaim – “Doeth what I sayeth”.  The truth is that, although the kid protests from here to high heaven, once she transcends (or is forced to transcend) the inertia of rebellion, she enjoys it too – or so I like to believe.   So a large part of the morning was spent removing tangles from the phenomenally curly hair in her crown (and breaking a comb in the process – why couldn’t she have taken after her aunt and had straight hair?), massaging her head and limbs with oil with all kinds of stuff from the kitchen thrown in, fumigating her hair with sambirani et al…an exercise that would have, on other days, left me a spent force.  Today, however, I have an adrenalin spike  and I am unstoppable.

The afternoon was spent freaking out at the impending exams of the kid.  I know I claim to not be a tiger mom, who pushes her child to overachieve, but I am, at heart, Hermione Granger.  Exams both excite and terrify me, and I am known to revise all subjects multiple times, a week before my exams.  The kid, sadly only inherited the curly hair from me, and believes in the philosophy of “there is always time until the last minute” .  Unfortunately, she panics at the last minute and so, I know that next week, I would need to be putting out fires everywhere.  To preempt it somewhat, I sat with her to teach her some Tamil and Computer science (it is ridiculous to have to “study” computer science) for a few hours.   We have, it seems, scratched the tip of the iceberg, and I find my panic mounting.  Ridiculous, I know.  But remember, my chemicals are still out of whack, and so nothing I say or do can be reasonable.

The day continues to be dull as it started this morning and jarringly clashes against the energy high I have been in all today.  At some point, the flesh, not being able to match the spirit, would give-up and keel over.  But until then, I shall remain invincible today.



One thought on “Daily Medley – 11-Sept-16

  1. christybharath

    The flesh, at times, lags behind the spirit. No denying that/ But the mind, the mind, that fella has quite a grip on both, illiya?

    I really like the tonality of your new content. Like Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole meets Salinger’s Caulfield and Camus’ Meursault

    Liked by 1 person


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