Young Cupid

Hypothetical 12-year old girl (H12G) comes up to hypothetical mom (HM) and says “mom,  boys are weird”.

HM, busy rolling out rotis, stops midway. “I am listening”.

H12G:  You know hypothetical-12-year-old-boy (H12B) tells my friend that he thinks I am the best football player but then comes and tells me that he thinks I am not good looking.  Are all boys weird?

HM’s ears flap.  “Oh, tell me all”

H12G:  You know…this guy never lets me be in his team, but asks someone to keep covering me when we are playing.  When S asked him why, he said “H12G is the best player in your team”.

HM: O…k….

H12G:  And then he tells me that I look like Alessia Cara.   I really  think Alessia Cara is very pretty and so I thanked him, but he says “Its not a compliment. Alessiia Cara is not good looking”.  What’s wrong with him?

Is it too silly if the HM, who is about 43 years old, dances a jig in the kitchen singing “H12B has a crush on H12G…H12B and H12G, sitting on a tree…k-i-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-i-n-g….yay”?


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