Daily Medley: 15-Sept-2016

  1.  Yay. Woke up at 5.30 this morning despite going to bed way past midnight yesterday. All my domestic chores were done by 8 AND the kid was ready and waiting for the carpool ride.  Wow or what.
  2. Misjudged one of the two assignments to be completed today. Could not finish one, but that’s ok.  I’d rather take my time and do a good job than finish it because it was on my agenda today.
  3. Threw in gym session – but only for 15 minutes.  Too tired to go any further.
  4. Had the most awesome crunchy frappe – frappe with crushed oreos.  More than negated the 15 minute gym, but I am not counting.
  5. A small mental irritant that set me on my meditation for the day  –  Situations are merely situations. It is our reaction to them, our thoughts about them, that make them pleasant or unpleasant. And trigger emotional responses.  Cut out the thoughts, you cut out the feelings that arise.  If that were only easy….
  6. It is 5 PM as I write this post and I can’t (a) think straight (b) keep my eyes open and (c) stop yawning (despite the frappe).
  7. I believe that pursuing a practice consistently for 21 days makes it a habit.  Can I make this 5.30 wake up a habit?  21 days, huh?
  8. I am most grateful today for the lift of the black hormonal veil from the brain.  Is there some way to completely get rid of that veil?
  9. Tomorrow is a city-wide shut down in protest against our neighbouring state usurping all our water.  They protested against us usurping all their water a couple of days back.  We are a crazy nation.

That’s it.  I think I need a power nap now.



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