Daily Medley: 16-Sept-2016

Second day of the 21-day rule of making habits, upheld – woke up with the sun, all bright and cheery, unlike yesterday’s bleary eyed LG.  Did I hear someone mutter “stop fussing over trivialities, its only wake up time for Godssake”?  What else is there to fuss over, I would like to know.  The big things, I would rather sweep under the sofa.

Talking of sweeping things under sofa, waking in the morning and having extra time and energy to clean the house made me realise how much muck my maid has been sweeping under them.    But then, V is not my maid, per se, but a friend, who, in addition to washing dishes and clothes and sweeping (muck under the sofa) for payment, also listens to my rants, dries my tears and removes the frequent cricks in my neck in a tricky manoeuvre that looks like she is unscrewing my head from the torso – all without any returns expected.  So, I shall forever hold my peace and sweep under the sofa myself.

The kid’s semester exams, supposed to start today, but postponed because of my city’s revolt against its neighbour for politically motivated reasons, now begins tomorrow.  When I asked the kid if she had her stationery ready for tomorrow – pens, pencils, ruler etc., she asks me, “why ruler?”.    To my answer of “to draw borders around diagrams, and label parts in maps” she does her eye-rolling-routine and says “mom, you are I are different people”.  Gave me a bit of BP hike, given that I was the type that would highlight parts of answers with different colours, underline headings with sketch pen and use stencils to label diagrams in exams.  But better sense (of the kid) prevailed. She and I ARE different people.  Nevertheless, not able to ignore myself, I sharpened her pencils, dug around her pandora box of a room for a ruler (which will never be used, and most likely lost on the very first day), assembled her stationery pouch and am ready for exams.  She is off playing football with the neighbours.

Remember the assignment I had misjudged yesterday?  It seems I grossly misjudged it.  I need a few more days to finish it.  Not happy about my lack of judgement.  Lesson learnt.

Philosophy of today – I really need to stop overthinking everything.  Some things are just not worth even thinking about, leave alone overthinking.

Until tomorrow then…







4 thoughts on “Daily Medley: 16-Sept-2016

  1. Hangaku Gozen

    “Nobody uses [name an item that was a necessity when I was in school] anymore, Mom.” Followed by a loud, exasperated sigh. They may be right: I don’t think any student uses a slide rule or compass anymore. It’s all done with this expensive calculator that your child loses on the second week of school.

    Sometimes it’s better to back off and let the child suffer the consequences of her decision not to bring certain supplies, I have found. That’s almost as big a lesson as the ones they learn in the classroom.

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  2. Carol

    Those thoughts that are not worth thinking about are the ones that usually visit me in the wee hours of the morning, before anyone or anything should be awake. A form of self-flagellation I guess.

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