Daily Medley: 27-Sept-2018

Don’t you just love it when the days rush past you in a whoosh, and you realise that you haven’t quite sat down with a cup of tea, doing nothing in about 36 hours?  Of course, the third such day makes your body beg for mercy, but the endorphins do good to the brain.  However, at some point, the body would decide to take matters into its own hands and crash, and I can see that coming shortly, but until then, let let the weak flesh not hinder the willing spirit.

The day ahead promises to be hyper busy.  As usual, I have taken on more than I can handle at work (the word is “no”, LG), and  one particular document, which I thought would be cakewalk, considering that I have been doing stuff like that for the past 17 years, surprisingly has me tied in knots.  Partly because I tried out a new documentation software (“Scrivener”, anyone?) and after two days of working with it, have come to the conclusion that while it is great for humanities/creative writing kind of work, it is not good for scientific documentation because it.is.driving.me.nuts.  Back to good ol’ Word, I suppose.  MS-Word is a very inefficient program in terms of the backend memory guzzling, freezing, hanging etc., but it offers me all the functionalities that I need, and that is all matters when you are racing against time to meet deadlines.  Classic pushing-much-under-carpet routine of mine.

Navarathri begins this weekend.  I am not enthusiastic about it this year, because of work deadlines but knowing me, I would gather myself in the last minute and put together an extravaganza of sorts and kick myself about doing it.  Ah, the joys of routine.

Yeah, I am stalling.  I better get back to work if I need to get stuff done before the big crash comes.

Until the next post, people…






4 thoughts on “Daily Medley: 27-Sept-2018

  1. Carol

    Word used to make me crazy, with its need for control. I switched to a Mac after my first Windows 8 experience, so now I have Pages – but I also don’t do a lot of word processing now.
    If your carpet is big enough, you can shove a lot under it.


    1. LG

      My carpet fills the world ! I swtiched to Mac as well, and like Pages, but there are some functionalities that I need that pages does not offer. For instance, as I am editing a document, I like to know how many pages are there and how many i have completed. Impossible with Pages, unless I open up the sidebar with thumbnail view…which reduces the size of my working screen. So more often than I care to admit, I switch to word.

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  2. Hangaku Gozen

    I’m not a fan of Word, but after all those years spent learning how to use it, I’m kind of stuck with the program. Also, since it’s essentially a universal format recognized by “most” computers, and I send out a lot of attachments to institutions and businesses, I have to use it, at least in the US.

    Hope you get some time to relax. I know what it’s like to have more work than hours in the day: at some point, you have sleep and eat! Take care, LG.

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    1. LG

      I am terrible at time managment, for all my claims of being obsessed with time !

      About Word – yeah, all my clients use word, so I don’t have much of a choice. I have tried using other word processing software (e.g. Pages) but usually during conversion to Word there are always formatting errors. Drives me crazy.



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