Daily medley:1-Oct-2016

Today hasn’t been a good day.  It may not matter in the large scheme of things, but the day has not ended and I am walking on egg-shells lest I add to the mess.

On my way by Uber, to a family gathering, the driver tells me he saw army personnel at the airport during his previous ride.  The reality of an impending war hit me then.  Yes, there might not be one, or there might be, and in either case, our southern tip will most likely not be affected directly – the army personnel are probably just brought in for security.  Still, I feel uncomfortable.  For my country.  For my country’s soldiers who have pledged their lives so that I can sit in my living room now and type this blog post, which will go no where and serve no purpose.  I am scared for the “enemy” country. For their soldiers, who have families and friends that they have left behind to live comfortably.  God,  why must we be the most violent species in the world?

But that’s on an impersonal level.  On a personal level, I burnt a utensil beyond redemption. I had left rice to boil and went on to do other chores and forgot all about it. While the accident left me irritated in itself, this carelessness led to further interpersonal mishaps and I was fuming all morning.   Usually when I am angry, I don’t react. I remove myself from the situation, stew in my anger in private, and then come back to social circulation.  On rare occasions, I succumb and feel crappy about it for the rest of the day.  Like you have stepped on poop and there is no tap nearby to wash off. Sigh.

I have a deadline on Wednesday, and I am no where near even half-done.  I am getting a little nervous.  Tomorrow will be a busy day as well with navarathri visits.  So that’s another elephant on my chest.

I hope the rest of the day proceeds without further ado.  And that, that stupid elephant finds something else to do.




6 thoughts on “Daily medley:1-Oct-2016

  1. Carol

    Not sure why we have those days, unless it’s to make us appreciate the better days. I ended up buying an electric rice cooker after having to clean far too many nasty messes on the stove and, yes, a destroyed pot.


  2. Hangaku Gozen

    It could have been worse! I once destroyed a stainless steel pan trying to make popcorn in it. The pot was too heavy to shake (I was taught to give the pot a few good shakes during popping to keep the kernels from burning) and I got distracted by something the kids were doing in another room. When I came back, the popcorn was not only burned, but it had left permanent scorch marks all over the bottom of the pot. I may still have the pot, which I kept as a lesson to myself not to be careless in the kitchen.

    I’m still surprised that modern nations resort to war to resolve a conflict. Even in Sun Tzu’s time, war was considered expensive and ruinous to a kingdom’s well being. The martial strategist warned rulers to never make light of the decision to go to war: yet in an age where we could wipe out a nation with one push of a button, many rulers still do.


    1. LG

      After having the milk boil over gazillion times, I have realise that it is best not to step out of the kitchen until all the chores are done and stove switched off completely. Of course, realising is different from following !

      The oldest profession of humanity is not prostitution but war. It will probably go away only when we have successfully destroyed the world.



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