Daily Medley: 4-Oct-2016

80% done for Wednesday’s deadline.  But the brain feels fried.  Has anyone else ever felt that the home stretch is the hardest.


A distant relative died yesterday.  I have met her only once.  She was my age. Her daughter is my daughter’s age – the age at which I lost my mother.   I am toying with the idea of talking to the dad of the child after the immediate grief has passed, about pitfalls to avoid when raising a motherless daughter.  None of my business, I know, but I owe it to that child.


Research has proven that contraceptive pills are linked to depression.  At the risk of sounding clichéd, DUH.  Our brain chemicals are driven by the delicate balance among the hormones of our body, and anytime you mess with the balance, the effects are going to be seen in the brain.  Some people may be affected more than the others, but it is no surprise that there is a connection. And no, the effect of hormones on the psych is not restricted to women alone, despite the idea being thrown at our faces – high testosterone causes aggression and low testosterone make men feel crappy – so maybe we should attribute some people’s public aggression towards women to hormones too (testosterone-coming-out-of-places?).  But that aside, the pill was touted as the vehicle of women liberation.  Condom is the vehicle of women liberation, not the pill. It is external, it is used only when needed, unlike the pill, which must be taken every single day irrespective of whether or not the woman has sex, and it protects against STD.  I am not trashing the pill – it is absolutely a blessing in treating maladies such as PCOS, but as a means of contraception, I would rank it inferior to the condom.


The kid’s friends are over on a play date – can you call it a play date when all kids are tweens and teens?  There are seven girls in one tiny room, watching some youtube thing.  Mega giggle fest.  Did I giggle so much when I was that age?  Perhaps I did.  Karmic returns and all that.  Not that I mind the giggling; in fact, I may be mildly jealous.  I wish I could join them but I doubt if I would find the youtube blokes funny. Age is in impediment to appreciation of ridiculousness.  Of course, we do our own ridiculous things as we age, but they are most definitely not funny anymore.


Nobel for the exotic states of matter.  “Electrical behaviour inside ultra thin layers”.  But hasn’t that already been studied as quantum confinement?  In graphene, for instance?  Or are we talking even smaller scales? “Matter so thin, they are almost one dimensional?” Wouldn’t that be string theory?  Ah Physics! You are my enigma.

So long..


7 thoughts on “Daily Medley: 4-Oct-2016

  1. rrmom

    The physics paper was written sometimes in the 70s. Since more and more of that theory is implemented now, they decided to acknowledge the scientists now.


    1. LG

      Touche, my friend. Just to clarify, the ban is on emergency-contraceptive pills, for all the wrong reasons. I have been on the receiving end of that ban, I know.
      The regular pill is not banned.

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