Third post in a day.  The brain needs to stop at some point, I say.

Coincidences reinforce a train of thought that I have been having today. This morning (yes, at 5.15 AM), as I was struggling to keep my eyes open and my stomach from churning, I remarked to my chirpy, never groggy better-half about how amazing it is that he can wake up fresh as a daisy while I take longer to boot than buggy Microsoft Windows. He said “its all in the mind – if you want to wake up fresh, you just have to behave that way”. Of course, I would have dumped the scalding cup of coffee over his head if I hadn’t needed that caffeine to jolt my eye from its non-cooperation movement.

This evening, my neighbour, who was visiting our golu, exclaimed that her father has a tremendous attitude towards life and would advice her that if she chooses to be enthusiastic about everything, she will be.  This came out when we were gushing over how we both hate cooking.  Two people saying approximately the same thing within 15 hours? It felt like a message to me from the great wide open.

So, I took both the better-half and the neighbour’s father to heart, filled my lungs with air and marched into the kitchen to get dinner rolling, because cooking is so much fun.

You know what?

It doesn’t work.  It really doesn’t.  Someone should put an end to stupid philosophy like that.


9 thoughts on “Musing

  1. rrmom

    Does not work for housework at all. There are days when I do get enthused to cook something but those days are only when I am trying a new recipe. Everyday cooking is a pain.

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  2. Hangaku Gozen

    If there’s a truly good reason for, say, getting up before dawn, like you’re getting ready to leave on an exciting trip, then you’d be alert and lively too. When there’s absolutely no reason for doing something other than it HAS to be done, then you will be unenthusiastic and grumpy about it. Add feeling tired or ill or having had a bad day, and there’s no point.

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    1. LG

      It really helps when I wake up early, because then, the chores I dislike don’t drag on through he day. That’s my only incentive to wake up early. Yes, I am grumpy about it, but I am grumpy about these chores no matter when I wake !
      I used to think this “morning person” and “evening person” was a myth. Two weeks into waking up early, I am still not used to it. So, there could be some merit in that.


  3. christybharath

    If we figured a way to make the ‘brain’ stop working just for a freaking minute, we’d be so much happier, illa? Somehow though, I feel that the brain takes orders from the environment. And doesn’t listen enough to the owner.



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