Yaz !

Met the deadline with hours to spare !  Yay.  Five documents signed, sealed and dispatched – two on solid oxide fuel cells, one on PEMFC, one on electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide and one on composites for nuclear fuel cladding.  In 6 days. Eclectic or what?

Do you know the feeling when the brain is extremely, unbelievably tired, but also extremely, unbelievably hyperactive?  That would be mine.  Sometime in the next couple of hours, the body would make it very clear to the brain that it had better shut up.  Until then I shall remain a cat on a hot tin roof.

This deadline is done.  But there is a lot more work this week.  None as taxing as this one was, nevertheless they are time-intensive work . There is one writing project and one editing job stewing in the back burner and if I don’t get to them soon, they would burn and send out that stinky burnt smell among my clients.  These are, however, at least interesting jobs.  I have some budgeting documentation to do, and I hate it.  But..every job has a crappy lining to it, and mine are the cursed excel sheets with cost breakups- ugh.

Until the next post…



3 thoughts on “Yaz !

  1. Hangaku Gozen

    That would be the adrenalin still working its way through your brain! Be careful: once it’s spent, you will crash, and nothing will revive you. It’s best to plan on taking a nap or aim for an early bedtime. If that’s at all possible when one has children….


  2. LG

    Its not posible HG. My kid’s classmates came over to do a holiday project. While I don’t have to “take care of them”, I was still shuttling around, driving them to the stationary, to the photo copier shop, to their foot ball coaching. All this in the middle of other backburner office work. I have had no time to crash, and heaven knows I want to !



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