Daily Medley: 6-Oct-2016

My house has been an open house today – I have had a battalion of tweens/teens at my house since 9 AM this morning doing various holiday projects.  It was a lot fun to have these kids, most of whom I have seen since they were wee small, prance around the house – their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  However, it has been 11 hours now, and there are still stragglers waiting for their parents to pick them up. This past one hour has been a karaoke session in their room, and while they are really cute and melodious and what not, after 11 hours, I think I may have reached the end of my tether. The heat of the day (God, it’s been hot today), driving the kids around places to finish their holiday project, planning and feeding them food every two hours (adolescence is the age of hunger, I think), all in the middle of finishing up my back burner work have all contributed to a migraine and three shrill voices crooning to techno beats just added the icing. Just now, I asked them to shut it in no uncertain terms, and I am sure I will be voted the worst “aunty” of the year.  My respect for school teachers has grown tremendously in the past 11 hours – they don’t get paid enough at all.  HG and FD – this one is especially for you two – HATS OFF.

I know the weather has a lot to do with moods – seasonal depression in cold countries is pretty common.  I wonder if someone has studied the connection between hot weather and moods.  I am pretty sure it is the heat that leads to so much short temper in my country.  Today’s heat, for example, has me itching all over, even inside my head, and if I did not feel as strongly about environmental degradation, I would crank up the AC and never come out of the bedroom.  Darn my principles.It does not help that now is the season for this mosquito like tiny fly in our campus, which stingeth like the adder.

In no mood to cook dinner, I bought salad on my way back from the kid’s football coaching.  The darn fellow threw in too much Jalapeños in my salad, and added a liberal dash of red chilly sauce as well (because that’s is what I usually order for my better half and forgot to tell the guy to make it mild today).

I feel a hot flash coming on.





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