The forgotten memory lane

I am not good with saving stuff for posterity.  Mostly because I am terrible at organising stuff.   In my old blog, I had written accounts and occasional pictures of events and occasions, but then, I deleted it without backup.  As I get older, I tend to gravitate more and more towards being in this moment and letting go of everything else.  Apart from the fact that it suits my non-organisational personality, it seems to free the mind from clutter.

Today I got a mail from google, in which I have an account to throw in all my subscriptions to places I know will spam me, asking me if I would like to “rediscover this day”.  Intrigued, I went there, and found some pictures I had on this day in 2010.  I don’t remember when,  why or how I saved these images.

To be honest, these pictures did not do anything to me, except photos of my then 6 year old daughter, which made me want to go into the screen and squish her.  However, for want of anything else to do with them, I am posting them below.  This is the golu from six years ago.  My kid and I made a “Tundra” scene. I vaguely remember spending hours making those little Eskimos and getting cotton all over the house !  We even labelled the various things – igloo, reindeer… cute or what !




4 thoughts on “The forgotten memory lane

  1. Maha

    First of all, getting addicted to your daily posts. I like knowing you more and your daily posts makes me want to write more too. Although I seem to take forever to act on that urge.

    I am the exact opposite of you, I hoard stuff, but nostalgia and keep sake don’t charm me as much as they used to. I too feel like what matters is NOW, not that I am not thankful or glad for what was. I love rediscover day from google and memories from FB and for that reason religiously tend to post things there.

    Love the igloo, remember having a igloo project as a fifth grader and all the thengai moodi hunt for that dome shape.,


    1. LG

      Thank you. As megalomaniacal as they may be, I am getting addicted to writing every day too.
      Ah, this igloo was the haldiram bhelpuri dabba. See it is flat at the “top” and not a perfect dome. We were a pretty creative bunch when we were younger.
      Oh, as much as I say I don’t like hoarding stuff, I end up having a lot of stuff. I just attract stuff – most of it useless. The more I throw away, the more I get. It drives me crazy.



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