Daily Medley: 8-Oct-2016

You know, I am going to sit in one place tomorrow and not budge. Even if it means tying myself to the couch.  This is the first time I have sat all day today.  Its been a lot of fun visiting a few homes for golu, but the limbs are tired.  They need rest, if they are to go full throttle next week when the kid’s school would resume.  Besides, stomach’s all a-churning from too much sundal.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but the golu at people’s houses has been a lot simpler than they have been in the past – there is no going-overboard with decoration, there is no my-return gift-is-better-than-yours competition and no please-sing-a-song routine.  My significant other says that the others have merely stopped inviting me, and what remains are people who are of my age and mindset.  Perhaps it is true. I don’t regret it.  My days of indiscriminate golu-hopping are over – partly my own inertia, but largely the aversion to commuting – as Woody Allen would say – in this traffic, nothing moves.  The kid gets pretty upset too if she misses her football sessions in the evening these days.

What’s up with the weather?  Last year this time it poured buckets.  This year, we are pouring buckets out of our pores.

On other thoughts – it must be tough to choose between a bully and a pervert  – apples and oranges ?  Thankfully, in our country, we only have to compare apples with apples – corrupt versus corrupt.   Not that it is any easier, but at least the swiss bank balance is a tangible number to base our decisions on !  What a wonderful world.

So long…


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