Girl power

I have a rather sentimental friend (guy) who once told me “it is a blessing to have a daughter”. Being of very unromantic temperament , I dismissed it, much like other concepts such as the “purity of mother’s love”, “soul mate” etc.   I still don’t give my friend’s sentiment much weight (albeit without judgement), but there are some rare times that I can almost relate.

Today there are five girls in my daughter’s room, raising a ruckus. The intention was “to complete the holiday project”.  There is music blasting, and five screechy voices singing along, interspersed with giggles of gargantuan proportions . “Holiday project my foot”, I mused.  An hour into the show, I entered their room to serve them pineapple juice and what do I find?  The five of them have split the work among themselves – one kid is researching the topic on the internet, one is cutting out models, one drawing animals (the one I saw was a hippo with Bambi eyes !) on a chart, and one colouring the borders of the chart paper, all of them singing along with, I don’t know, Alicia Cara or Taylor Swift or one of those women singers that teens are obsessed with these days.

I know the room will be tornado struck by evening, and my head will hurt with all the techno beats I have been subjected to for hours, but this moment is captured in memory for posterity.



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