Retail therapy. Not.

I dislike shopping.  My shopping activity usually involves making a list of stuff I need, rush past shops that sell the stuff I need, buy them and come home.  No lingering. No window shopping. No unscheduled buying.  U-huh.  And I do this twice a year.  Once before school starts after summer vacation, to buy back-to-school stuff, and once before Deepavali (or, the more popularly known “Diwali”, our festival of lights).  Today was the latter, not because it is close enough to Diwali to send me panic shopping, but because the kid needed sports shoes, the old one skidding enough to skin her knees twice in a  week, and there was no point going shopping twice.  Besides, my slippers were worn to the ground, what with all my walking and I really needed more ergonomic footwear.  Three birds in one stone.

So, fortified with lunch, mom and daughter set out.  As usual, I had a list made – two blouse materials from Nalli, two pairs of shorts two pairs of sweat pants, (the kid had better stop outgrowing her’s more than twice a year) and one salwar suit for the kid from Shanthi’s, one set for myself also from Shanthi’s, and then a trip to the tailor to get measured for the blouses and the kid’s silk kurtha, the footwear store for shoes and walking slippers, pick up some snacks and head back home.  I had given myself an hour to do all of this.  Yes, I have a very skewed perspective of time, like that.

Three hours later (I managed to throw in a half-hour gym session while the kid munched on her sub in the neighbouring Subway), I am typing this mail, my legs and back hurting with too much getting in and out of the car, my head hurting with too much smell of new clothes and bank balance less by a considerable amount.  For the first time, I bought myself expensive footwear – thrice as expensive as I usually buy – given the amount of walking I do every day, and my ageing bones and joints, I really seem to need ergonomic footwear.  Yeah,  I am trying to convince myself that its ok to splurge on something I really need – the stupid guilt won’t let me be.  The slippers don’t look fancy, but feel great on my feet.  I threw out my old pair right at the shop because the sales man gave it one look and turned green, there was a gaping hole in the middle and the original cream colour was almost crap brown when I threw it out.

I know I need new underwear. But that can wait until May next year.



5 thoughts on “Retail therapy. Not.

    1. LG

      I realised that when I went for my walk today. I can’t wear shoes for walk because my feet sweats and slips and I don’t like the feeling. These slippers were awesome.
      I was raised in a lower-middle class family. Money was a premium. Now I belong to the upper middle. But I can’t shake the lower middle mentality off me. Strangely, I spend for others, I cannot bear to spend for myself.

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  1. Maha

    I have been evaluating my relationship with money. I can’t spent too much. I like shopping as long as it’s once in a while but that is always at the bottom at my priority list. We buy a lot of things online, that’s a convenience we have gotten used to very easily.

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  2. rrmom

    I also hate shopping. I can tolerate when I have a list and get away with buying just what is on the list. If I don’t find what I need within the first 30 mins I walk away to come back some other time.

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