Quote. Or Not.

I like reading inspirational quotes. Especially during PMS times.  But sometimes, I read quotes that sound dubious.  I wonder if the person attributed with that quote actually would say something like that.  Or if they did, did they regret saying it later because it just makes zilch sense.

I got this quote in the mail today.


Right.  One day, you’d be going about your stuff, and suddenly you would realise “a-ha.  This is what I was born for”.  And then you would roll over and die.

I like Samuel Langhorne Clemens‘s writing.  I hope he didn’t say that. Of if he did, he never intended it to become a quote to be sent to my mailbox.


4 thoughts on “Quote. Or Not.

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  2. Carol

    Funny how we see different things in that quote. For me, that second most important day, the day you go “ahha this is why I’m here!”, would be a beginning. The beginning of digging deeper, exploring, doing that which you were “born to do”.


    1. LG

      Absolutely. But I doubt if there is a single day when you would discover your purpose. It may happen over time, if you are lucky, and then, if you were smart, you’d grab it and work on it for the rest of your life.

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