And this too had better pass…

Life throws curve balls all the time, but whenever one comes along, we forget that we have always tacked them, and buckle under the strain, screaming “Why me?”. The simple answer to that question is “Why not?”.

Rhetoric is a dog.

All of this weekend, I kept telling myself “This too shall pass”, first for a fever that left every joint throbbing (darn mosquitoes), and later for issues that would need time to resolve.  Yet, every time I told myself that, I heard a little voice say, why can’t it pass right now?  That’s not the way life works, little voice, don’t you know?

The virus has passed in its two days, but the issue will require a bit more time.  But in the cosmic sense, or even in the sense of a human lifetime, what is a few months?

[[Little voice: Months?  Do you now how many days that is?  You are being unreasonable, aren’t you? And do you even know what the repercussions would be after the issue is resolved?

ME: Oh shut up]]

I foresee that the week will be tremulous for me.   I hope I remember to breathe through it and let it pass, mindfully.  Life never gives anyone problems that they cannot handle.






10 thoughts on “And this too had better pass…

  1. Maha

    Take care LG. Wishing you strength and faith as you go through this week. One day at a time, one task at a time, is what I fall back on when I go through challenging times.


  2. Carol

    Sometimes that “life will never give you more than you can handle” thing is very annoying. There have been times life gives me too much credit for strength. Yet, here I am.



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