Going viral

Do you know how big 20 nanometers is?  Fairly tiny, take my word on it, because I am constantly writing research proposals to make materials on that scale.  It is like a hairline crack on a single strand of hair, if the hair were your size.  Pretty inconsequential, you’d think.   Until you have had a couple of stuff of that dimension cruise through your blood vessels, causing every millimetre (or perhaps nanometer, since we are in that scale) of your body to feel the punch like a nerd in a street-fight. If I had, in my past, ever doubted the presence of millions of tiny things called cells in my body, the doubt has now been cleared by the vicious throb of every single cell that makes the physical me.

We also take this “generosity” thing too seriously in our household – what I enjoy is what everyone else in the family must enjoy too.  What’s family all about if we don’t share?

So if you see a dense cloud of nanometric bio-particles around the Chennai area, they may be emanating from our household.  Stay away.

Unless you want to count the cells in your body.



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