Stranger inspiration

I know this is a post overload day, but I have to write this one.

I have subscriptions to many blogs on my WP account (which has been bugging me lately about wanting more space in my machine for someone or something called Calypso, which I have been refusing to give).  The collection is eclectic – there are successful (and talented) musicians, published writers,  poets, amazing artists, aspiring writers, funny people and people I love for their attitude.  One unusual blog I follow is thekitchensgarden,  written by Cecilia Mary Gunther.  She is a farmer in the American midwest and although I have no special attraction to farm life (except of course as a distant occasional romantic yearning, which soon gets snuffed by the realisation of the presence of septic tanks in our Indian villages and pigs, which, no offence to them, freak me out), I find her life and attitude amazing.  The woman is, in my opinion, a “karma yogi” – one who performs her duty with complete involvement and sincerity with no expectations of returns and no complaints.

Read these lines from her recent post, for example:

I am as easy in the city as I am in the country as I am on a beach. I love everywhere.

“I love everywhere”.

What a sentiment.  What attitude.  What an inspiration !



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