Happy Deepavali





Don’t let your imagination go wild with the following picture.  It is a herbal goo we are supposed to consume to prevent what you saw above from messing with our stomach.




4 thoughts on “Happy Deepavali

  1. Carol

    Ummm. I have to say this, the devil is making me do it – while all of the above may be very tasty, in the photos, the items look rather like something I might find crawling around outside. The last one – well, I’ll say nothing. Funny how foods we cook in our kitchen can take on a whole different personality in a closeup photo, isn’t it?


    1. LG

      They don’t look much different from afar either.
      The names of the items in the order are: Sweet boondi, manamkombu, Mysore pak, ribbon pakoda and the last one – laegium. All of them came out delicious this time.
      Ironically, the last one is my favourite. That’s the first thing we are supposed to eat in the morning – gets your ears smoking, but yumm.

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