Food and whatnot

Every now and then, on a Sunday, I get into a nondescript state-of-being wherein I proclaim enough-is-enough and decide to plan my week ahead in order to bring a semblance of order into it.  By plan, I mean meal plan.  On such days, I sit with my laptop on my lap and a scrapbook and pen next to me, to jot down potential dishes I could make for the week, and the ingredients they would need so that my fridge can be stocked and my plans well laid out so that I don’t have to wake up on a weekday morning,  stare into the fridge with bleary eyes and snap at unsuspecting family members that my entire life is spent wondering what to cook.

As expected with any kind of internet browsing, one click leads to another and soon I have sixteen tabs open on my browser, my mouth salivating at the delectable photos of food, the scrap book bereft of entries and guilt rising at how people gush over their passion for cooking, while here I am, hating the process more and more with my every tab browsed. “…stirring, chopping, cutting, smelling and tasting is what gives me pleasure” says one blogger and reading it makes my stomach ache with what could be jealousy, but more likely hunger.

I notice that food bloggers (at least the Indian ones) don’t bother about punctuation in their essays and that bothers the hell out of me – the passion for cooking could as well spill over to proper punctuation, I think uncharitably.  And then I realise that the blogger could pay me back likewise with “someone who is so passionate about punctuation, could as well show a modicum of interest in cooking”.  And in being less of a judgemental, pseudo-anglophilic, arrogant prick. Touché, my dear.  I couldn’t have put it better myself.

So, I close all tabs, publish this blog post, go to my kitchen to stare at my messy and completely unstacked refrigerator and snap at unsuspecting family members that my life revolves around meal planning.

Another Sunday at the LG household.  Be glad you are not part of it.


6 thoughts on “Food and whatnot

  1. The V Pub

    Well, I don’t find you to be “a judgemental, pseudo-anglophilic, arrogant
    …….” I get lost in Internet rabbit holes often, losing track of my original quest frequently. That being said, what’s for lunch. 😉


    1. LG

      You are kinder to me than I am to myself !
      Funnily enough, I put lunch together with a little of this and a little of that, left in the refridgerator, and it turned out pretty well. Or perhaps we were all terribly hungry – what’s that saying? Hunger is the best condiment.

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  2. Maha

    I had a lot to write on this when I read it yesterday but now it has lost steam. The short story is I cannot survive without my weekend prep and a somewhat standardized menu. I like freedom within the structure, so don’t like to plan to the T but have a frame work. Weekends prep – includes batter preparation, chopping veggies. If I am disciplined enough I also knead a batch of chapathi dough and have one thoagayal done. Monday-Wed are south Indian food (kootu/spinach dhal one one evening, rasam on two), Thursday the kids decide what they want. Friday is whimsical day. B/f alternates between omlette and cheese dosai. Lunch is pasta/chapathi cheese. It took some trial and error to figure out this works, but it has paid in terms of not taking up my mental space anymore.


    1. LG

      You are my GOD !
      I suppose the difference is that you work outside and I (claim to) work from home. So, every thing spills over everything else, and of course, on top of all that, I am terribly disorganised.
      The south Indian regular meal, I don’t need much planning – it is almost automatic. But after 14 years, it gets boring. That’s why the need to plan.


      1. Maha

        I WFH 4 out of 5 days. I hear you about how one spills over the other. I so get into that trap all the time and detest it from the bottom of my heart. I so lack discipline – and I am not beating myself when I say that, just stating it matter of fact. Sigh!


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