Daily Medley: 4-Nov-2016

A post has been brewing in my head for the past two days.  I foresee it to be an  intense post, and I am hesitant about composing it, lest it unleashes worms, both in my head and in this blog.  But the thought is like the serpent around my limbs – it will definitely bite.  When, is a matter of chance and provocation.   It may give me the catharsis I have been seeking for months now.

The weekend promises to be busy.  I am running late at work and there may be spillovers into the weekend.  I don’t mind working on weekends, but my family thinks I am burning out if do. I argue that a job you love can’t really burn you out but their reply is that all work and no play, however interesting the work is, makes LG a dull person.  We agree to disagree, but to keep the familial peace, I try not to work on weekends. This weekend may be an exception.

Talking of work,  I hate it when some one sends me a document to edit, and when I ask them when they want it back, they reply “ASAP”.  What is ASAP?  An hour?  A day?  A week? When hell freezes over?  I want a date and time, please.  Helps me organise my work better. So, it takes a couple more back-and-forth emails before I get a date out of them.

Through the week, I stuck to a pre-planned meal schedule, which made it very easy to manage the kitchen.  The plan ended with lunch today.  Dinner is left open, and I suspect we will be ordering food.  Now, cooking is an area where I burn out easily – 3 meals/day for 6 days is my maximum limit after which there is general hysteria if I don’t get a break.  I have heard people say that people who love food are also good cooks.  I beg to differ.  And how.

The weekend has a wedding reception in store for me.  I am looking forward to wearing the saree I had reserved but hadn’t worn for Diwali,  because I am still mourning my grandma’s death.  Sunday is my mother’s 31st death anniversary ceremony.  The uneasy feeling that surrounds the event has begun.  But, as I always say, this too shall pass.

Until the next post then…








8 thoughts on “Daily Medley: 4-Nov-2016

  1. The V Pub

    I think that a job that you love can burn you out. I know that when I go into a recording session, music gets dull quite fast. The same with work, there’s no joy in mudville when it comes with lots of pressure.


  2. Maha

    Take care LG, it looks like a lot is going on at your end.

    What food did you end up ordering? I too feel the need for breaks. I start slacking on Thursday and a take out once a week as part of my cooking routine. It’s partly about the effort but mostly about getting bored with my own cooking. I also try to cook for Sunday on Sat., so I can take it easy an extra day.


    1. LG

      Chinese !
      As for cooking in advance – somehow that never works in India – I used to do it in US aeons ago. Now I just can’t get myself to do it…
      Only stuff like vaththa kuzhambu, I sometimes store for posterity.


  3. Carol

    Even if you love what you do, a break in the routine is essential. Then again, getting done what’s hovering over you is also important. As to cooking – when husband was alive I would get so tired of having to plan meals, then actually prepare them. Now that it’s just me, it’s easier – I cook once or twice a week and eat the same things until they are gone. I haven’t figured out how to cook for one, but even if I could, I wouldn’t want to have to cook every single day. And three meals a day? Never!

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