Daily Medley: 9-Nov-2016

What a week this has been so far.  And it is only Wednesday yet.

On the work front, I completed a very challenging document. It left me a spent force yesterday but it is done, wrapped and delivered in style.   Another difficult document is in my inbox, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

It has also been a politically/socially tremulous week, hasn’t it?  In my own country, a very bold move by our government to end black money and fake currency, has been generating a lot of applause from the common man.  I have been paying my income tax diligently to my country for two decades now, and I finally feel that my country has recognised me and my scruples.  I do not like certain aspects of the current government (religious/cultural intolerance, for instance), but I think I voted well.

I woke up this morning to abject panic of “How is my country going to manage this massive operation?”.  It is going to be very difficult in the next few days.  My heart goes out to bank employees who are going to be overworked until this thing settles.  My maid has been nervous because she has a stash of now devalued currency under her pillow, which she had borrowed for her daughter’s delivery.  I promised to help her convert them into accepted currency, but it may be a difficult process because she does not have an active bank account and I cannot give her mine because of this whole income tax payment bracket and technicalities like that.  I am sure there is a way around, we need to figure it out.

As for American politics, yeah, I don’t give too much of a damn, but I had expected HC to win, by a narrow margin.  She would not have senate support though, so I was thinking there would be a hung or volatile parliament.  No, I am not supporting her or the other in particular, but as an outsider, it is very interesting to see how America works.  A little scary too.  On the personal front, my clients are American companies that are likely to fair better under the next rule, which means that my job could be secure.  But I can’t say that with certainty  either because my clients deal with renewable energy, and I don’t think the future bodes well on the renewable energy front, given the unfurling American political milieu.

As I muse, I wonder if I would have felt any more confident if the results had been the other way around either.  Unsettling times, huh?

I feel sleep deprived.  Between reading up on the currency thing and election results, I was up late last night.  The nondescript feeling at the pit of the stomach, that accompanies sleep deprivation is beginning.  I still have miles to go today before I sleep, and trudge along I will for the body is still not weak enough to impede the spirit.

Lets see what else this week has in store.


5 thoughts on “Daily Medley: 9-Nov-2016

  1. The V Pub

    I stayed up late and watched Trump’s acceptance speech. I am soooo tired today. I think that the most important part of this election cycle was the nomination of several supreme court positions, which could shape the direction of the US for decades to come.


  2. Carol

    I did not stay up until the bitter end, but I knew where it was going when I called it a night. I am deeply saddened, deeply concerned this morning. He may only be in office for four years, but his presence, and the presence of a completely Republican government, will be felt for many years to come. Although it was the “99%” that elected him, I doubt they will fare as well as they think they will. Historically, the Republican party has not been for the little guy. My heart weeps.



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