Endorphin slump

The weekend has been fairly high on the endorphin front, for reasons shrouded in mystery.  But I can feel the effects wearing off.  There is a migraine, that has necessitated an ingestion of industrial strength paracetamol, which does not agree with my liver and brain.  None of the weekend cleaning has been done this week for reasons unknown, so I will be starting the week without a clean slate, so to speak.  The meals have not been planned for the week, the big money that was devalued last week has not been changed to smaller currency yet, the debit card account has not been replenished yet, credit card bill not paid, cell phone balance precariously low, and the assignments for the week have not been accessed and set in timetable.

Oh well.


4 thoughts on “Endorphin slump

  1. Maha

    It’s ok, you will make up for it – that’s what I have been telling myself. Hope your migraine has worn off – being sick is no fun. Take care!



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