3-Quote Challenge: 1

Musician-blogger Rob from “For friends without borders“nominated me for the 3-quote challenge, which I accept with many thanks.  Rob’s FFWB and his personal blog site (which is restricted) are a relatively new discovery by me, and his warmth and fantastic sense of humour that borders irreverence (and often ahem!) show utter honesty-of-being, thereby instantly appealing to the friend beyond borders in me.

The first quote of the challenge is this:

Oneself is one’s own refuge

-Acharn Thawee

The quote has an interesting history.  Earlier this year, I was struggling to come to terms with my grandmother’s death, and a rather large personal issue that had hit me to pulp during the end of last year.  Not willing to go the medication way to deal with the emotional roller coaster, I chose to look at meditation.  I landed at a meditation blog site, run by Roger Wells, an Australian rock star-turned meditation aficionado (another friend beyond borders now), who was kind enough to give me a lot of study material.  Acharn Thawee was his teacher, and the above quote that I read in one of the books he sent me, made a lot of sense to me.  No one else could possibly lead my life, I need to lead it myself, and the solutions to my problems must come from within.  It has been a rough year, but as it nears its end,  I seem to have gained a semblance of sanity.  2017 will be another rough year  with lifestyle-decisions to be made, but I am sure that with my friends within and without borders, I will be able to meet them better than I met my travails of 2016.

I need to nominate three bloggers with each of my quotes.  My nominations are:

Mom to 2 cuddle bugs

Maha of Thoughts Unlimited

Lakshmi Iyer

No obligation to follow it through.  This is a nice way of sharing people I read with my readers (although I suspect that my readers are a subset of the readers of the above).

Thank you to Rob again.

5 thoughts on “3-Quote Challenge: 1

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  2. Suchitra

    I love this quote a lot. Quotes can have such a powerful influence on us especially when they arrive when we need them the most. Just goes to show the power of words. I am so glad you found these words comforting and inspiring.

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