Daily Medley: 17-Nov-2016

As I emailed my weekly tech-article to a client last night, I realized that I was done with the deadlines for the week, and it was only Wednesday.  I do have some back burner work like a couple of paper reviews to complete and another tech-article for the same client from last week, but they are not due today.   The neurotic in me is excited about the opportunity to complete them ahead of time and get them out-of-the-way, but the lazy bum at the other side of the brain  wants me to take it easy and sit on the reclining chair after I publish this post and take a nap, or read a book or catch up on my blog reader backlog.  The neurotic reminds me that the adai batter remains to be ground, and the avial is to be made for lunch and darn it is 11.30 already.  The lazy bum says that making adai and avial is going to take 10 minutes, for heaven’s sake.  The neurotic says that there is some cleaning to do, the bum uses bad words.  The verdict is not out yet, who do you think will win?  Remember what happened in the American elections – predictions could be proven wrong.

My glucose-messup headache continues.  Not as bad as before, but its there in the background like a mallet at the back of my left eye.  I am in a quandary now.   I have added 3 kilograms to my mortal being in the past six months, which is not bad in itself in that I am still within the weight range for my age and height, but the weight is all in a single coaxial ring around my stomach, just above the naval line, which bothers the hell out of me.  I can’t go the diet way  because apparently my pancreas doesn’t like it and rebels by flooding my body with insulin and setting the mallet into action. I have a membership at the local gym, but I am put-off by it because the management changed, they built a banner where the car park used to be, and most of the time, I can’t find a place to park.  But more than that, I had joined the gym a year ago for all the wrong reasons (oh, let’s not go into it) and now the issue that made me join the gym is resolved, and the tyre around the midsection is not strong enough an inspiration to make me go.

Sometime back I had mentioned in this blog that I have a missing brain part – the one that deals with sentimentality and nostalgia.  My father, in the process of cleaning our ancestral house, found books that I had published when I started my publishing company ten years ago and got all sentimental about the work I put in to get those in shape. My only response was – see if you can sell them for weight and get rid of them. Dad was fairly offended that I had no attachment to my own (figurative) babies.  I remembered something a wise friend had once said – “Attachment is for people, not things”.

Adai and avial await.









2 thoughts on “Daily Medley: 17-Nov-2016

  1. Maha

    Wise words from your friend indeed..! I dislike going to gyms, may be with company I can be coaxed into it. But prefer outdoors, unfortunately do not live in a place that affords that the opportunity to be outdoors throughout the year. Have to figure out a work out routine, now that the crazy piling of pounds has resumed.


    1. LG

      As a person older to you by a few years, take my advice. Start working on those pounds right away. It gets more and more difficult into the forties. I wouldn’t have believed it if anyone else had told me this – I had kept my weight constant between my twenties and forties (minus pregnancy months) and argued that my body would never go a gram over 55. I stand humbled.



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