3-Quote Challenge: 2

A sense of humor… is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.
-Hugh Sidney, American Journalist, 1927-2005

I am emotionally fragile.  It is not something to be proud of.  At 44, loud noise still startles me.  I cannot tolerate rudeness. Arguments tire me.  I can perceive even hints of hostility in tone and demeanour and they bother me.  I worry a lot.

I’d be a wreck but for my sense of humour. Nothing cheers me like an intelligent joke (again, no crassness or meanness there – I cannot tolerate racist, sexist or personal jokes).  The form of humour I like best is self-deprecating.  P.G.Wodehouse is my God.  Erma Bombeck cheers me like no other.  I am known to tear up at Calvin and Hobbes. Most of the blogs I follow are of people who can laugh at themselves and make others laugh with them. The first thing that touched me about my now husband when I met him first was his sense of humour and the loud laugh that accompanied a joke.

When I can’t laugh at a joke, or perhaps make a joke, or make light of my situation, it is a sure sign that I need help.  Through most of 2016, after I had deleted my blog, I was in a rut.  The dark veil of hopelessness seemed impossible to lift.  Yet, the moment I started this blog two months ago, and started reading funny people on my reader, my sense of humour slowly returned and I could feel the veil lift.  I could smile, I could laugh at myself, I could even meditate in peace.

Both Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi are known to have said that their sense of humour was what had kept them alive.  I can completely relate to that sentiment.  The day I cannot laugh at myself would as well be the day I fall.

Musician-blogger Rob from “For friends without borders” nominated me for the 3-quote challenge and this is my second quote.  The three people that I tag with this post are:

Uma of Uma’s reflections

Hangaku Gozen

Carol of Wanderings of an Elusive Mind

There is no obligation to take up the tag.  If you choose to, you write on three consecutive days about a quote that impressed you, and tag three others in each post, to do the same.  This is a nice way to share blogs you find interesting with others.

5 thoughts on “3-Quote Challenge: 2

  1. momto2cuddlebugs

    This is a really good one!! Keeping my sense of humor is something I have to work hard at. I take myself very seriously, and bristle at the smallest jokes pointed in my direction. Will keep your quote in mind! Oh, and btw, you are supposed to tag three other bloggers with EVERY quote? And I was feeling the pressure yesterday to come up with the first three! 🙂


  2. The V Pub

    Humor is the elixir of life. I had never heard of the quote that you have posted today, but I found it to be thought provoking, especially in light of the account of your past. It seems we have traveled a similar path in some respects. I was in a rut, had a blog, and then deleted it. I was distraught and lacked happiness. But, through the establishment of my new blogs, I’ve found joy in the writings of others, and I get inspired by their work. Carry on, LG – I can’t wait to read your next quote.


  3. Carol

    I fear if I could not laugh at myself, I would quickly perish. If I take me too seriously, I become very sad. I appreciate the call out, and will do my best, although I must warn you, I am terrible about tagging people, tending to call for volunteers instead.


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