3-Quote Challenge: 3

“…waiting to see what’s going to call me next.”

Carol from Wanderings of an Elusive Mind

When I was young, in all my naivety, I strongly believed that we all had a single calling in life, and when we grew up, we’d know what it is and pursue it. When we have fulfilled that calling, we would die.  Perhaps this was my way of coming to terms with my mother’s early death – she had met her calling and her purpose in life was fulfilled.  I believed in this for very long, and was groping around for what my calling was.  Somewhere with the forties came the common sense (which is uncommon in me), that there is no such thing as a calling.  You find a calling if you choose to and you could choose your calling every day or even every second of your life.

The other side of the same coin is that you need not wait for a calling.  There may be no such thing as a calling.  This, despite its nihilistic approach to life, can be liberating in that you are free of the shackles of your own delusional expectations of achievement and this freedom could bring with it the experience of just being.

Thank you, Carol, for the quote.

Musician-blogger Rob from “For friends without borders” nominated me for the 3-quote challenge and this is my third quote.  The three people that I tag with this post are:

  1. Suchitra of Momlife
  2. UL of My yoga journey and
  3. Shall of Shail’s Nest

As always, there is no obligation to take up the tag.  If you choose to, you write on three consecutive days (or such like) about a quote that impressed you, and tag three others in each post, to do the same.  This is a nice way to share blogs you find interesting with others.





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