Share Your World – 2016 Week 47

After the day’s tantrum, it seems only fair to end the day with being grateful for all that I have been given.  Cee’s questions are apt today.

What are you grateful for in regard to:

1. Your home life?

A small, neat and comfortable house with all the bare necessities and the luxury that comes from not wanting more than what we need.

2. Your family?

What’s not to be grateful about?  A small, beautiful and brainiac family I have always wanted, a supportive father who, despite all his personal losses and tragedies, finds it in him to joke about himself every day, self-sufficient in-laws who know what distance to keep, a grandmother who died before she broke down completely.  I take my family for granted too often than is right.

3. Your blogging community?

What would I be without a community that does not call me names after a tantrum, makes me laugh or tear up, and boosts my ego by not only reading me but also interacting with me, beyond borders and personality quirks?

4. Your city or immediate area in which you live?

Chennai: My city of birth. My home.  My sanctuary.

5. The regional area in which you live?

Tamil Nadu: Land of my mother tongue. My home. My sanctuary.

6. The country where you live?

India: My mother. My home. My sanctuary.

7. You?

I am grateful that I have the sensitivity to feel for myself and empathise with others.  That I have enough modesty to laugh at myself. And the intelligence to know the difference between  laughing with and laughing at and choosing the former over the latter.


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