Daily Medley: 22-Nov-16

Today has been a colossal did-nothing day.  Mind you, I am not saying I do not have work – I have work from here until judgement day until February.  Yet, I chose to goof off today because of listlessness that I woke with – the marathon dreams continue and disrupt REM sleep at night. I didn’t even cook a decent meal until supper – the kid went to school with peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and the husband and I ate minuscule portions of rice with hastily and carelessly made Dal in the afternoon.  The kid actually loves peanut butter sandwiches, but I feel like a colossal failure as a mom if I have not packed her a more wholesome made-from scratch meal.  Have I told you that I am hard on myself?

The only probably constructive thing I did was walk twelve kilometres (~7.5 miles) today.  I had a lot of boring office chores outside of home, and I chose to walk it everywhere.  The day was beautiful, and all the chores were inside our wooded campus, and so it a was very nice and brisk walk all over.  My legs are sore now, my thighs are chafed (a sure sign of the kilograms I have packed in all the classic problem areas) and my headache is beginning to act up, but other than that, it has been a good day.

Our family usually watches something together on the computer (in lieu of television) post dinner for an hour every day. Recently we started watching Firefly, recommended warmly by Sheldon of TBBT – I seem to be hooked on to it.  It is too bad Firefly was cancelled early on because apparently the T.V people thought the show became too anti-establishment.

Another good thing was that Dave, a blogger dad I used to follow a year back but lost the link of later, got back into my radar.  This goes with my belief that if there are people meant to be part of your life, they will, no matter what.

Firefly awaits…




8 thoughts on “Daily Medley: 22-Nov-16

      1. Hangaku Gozen

        I don’t know if Hulu is available in India, but you can watch it online from there. Hulu recently became a subscriber-only service, so I was forced to choose between Netflix and it. Netflix won out, only because I wanted to watch “Stranger Things,” another science fiction show with a slightly paranormal twist, similar to X-Files. But Hulu does offer a lot of great shows no longer available on network TV, including Firefly.


  1. Hangaku Gozen

    I hope you’re feeling better, LG. It’s really hard to focus on daily tasks when your body doesn’t cooperate.

    My kids love “Firefly.” My younger daughter was thrilled when she met Joss Whedon, its creator, at Comic Con in San Diego two years ago. (He’s moved on to other projects, like directing Iron Man and other movies.) I’m not sure there was an anti-establishment theme to the show, not like some of the satirical talk shows here. I think, at least in the US, the typical television viewer has such a short attention span they can’t follow storylines that aren’t completed in 50 minutes, with commercial breaks. I’m not as passionate a science fiction fan as my younger daughter is, so I didn’t get into it as deeply as she did. I was disappointed that it was canceled after such a short run.


    1. LG

      Oh, good, I thought I was the only one (my daughter not considered – the kid likes anything with scifi theme in it) who liked Firefly. My husband rolls his eyes at it, and watches it groaning because the show time is our family time and the rule is that whether or not we like it, we watch it !



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