Fantastic beasts

I loved the movie, but one or two things bother the heck out of me….

  1.  A black woman can be president only among the magical populace of America?
  2. Despite having a black president and all that, it takes a white man to save the country from evil forces?


Good movie though.  I teared up at the Warner Bros icon at the start.  So did my daughter.  We are hopeless.


6 thoughts on “Fantastic beasts

  1. Hangaku Gozen

    I saw the movie over the weekend with my daughter as well! She’s quite a bit older than yours, plus she’s a digital animator and far more knowledgeable about the Harry Potter universe than me. (I gave up with “The Prisoner of Azkaban.” I want to complete the series now, but back when it first came out, I was harried and impatient and working with spoiled, entitled children who were Potter maniacs. My heart went into backlash mode.) It was interesting to listen to her critique the movie, though she’s focused on the visuals and less on the story. “It’s not even a J.K. Rowling book, they just used the idea to create the movie.”

    But—I know, stupid isn’t it that a woman can be president of the US wizarding republic, but not of the muggle one? I thought the hero Newt was a typical Potter hero, sincere, eccentric, somewhat bumbling, but brilliant within his own milieu. And yes, British white male. I will venture that in the 1920s England was a much less diverse place than it is now. The more contemporary Potter movies reflect an UK that is brown, black, and Asian. My children didn’t even notice, because they take it for granted the world is like that. 🙂


    1. LG

      Digital animator? That’s what my daughter wants to be. So, I will hold on to this comment of yours and descend on you and your daughter when my kid is ready to choose her grad school for digital animation ! You have been warned.

      In India, we joke that the UK is now dancing to its own music – they colonized us once, and we are colonizing them now. I hear “curry” is a national dish there now, and it is only a matter of time before the queen wears a saree to her Sunday mass. Just you wait !


      1. Hangaku Gozen

        Feel free to contact us when your daughter is ready to study abroad. Mine went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and studied in their MFA program. It’s a private school, and fearfully expensive, though the advantage was that it’s close to the Pixar Studios in Emeryville. My daughter was able to take classes there and made friends with several of the animators and artists on staff. The other big animation school in CA is CalArts in Valencia, which is where many of the Pixar staff went to school. (If you saw “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” that was the product of a number of CalArts graduates.) A cheaper alternative would be California State University at Northridge, which is where my niece went, and where a former Vox blogger, Cheri, who works at Nickelodeon, went. It’s not as easy as it looks, and a number of students drop out after the first year: it requires a lot of technical knowledge as well as art. My daughter said a lot of students underestimate the number of hours they have to put in to complete the projects; she often stayed until 10 at night to work on a three-minute scene.

        I think the trend of the former colonies taking over their former colonizers is worldwide. Here in the US, where so much of our land was stolen from Mexico, the fastest growing demographic is Latino/Spanish-speaking. Just in my own neighborhood, we have Spanish language signs in front of businesses and Mexican supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses. I think Montezuma is exacting his revenge, but we will be the richer for it. I would love to see the Queen appear in a sari someday!

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