I follow quite a few poet bloggers because I can’t write poetry to save my life.  I mean, the profound, non-rhyming form of poetry that compares love to a red-red-rose and stuff like that (see, I can’t be original even there).  My better-half can write such verses (in Tamil) and I am baffled with the process.  I can write rhymes that sound like nursery rhymes, though.   I did write a few of them in my erstwhile blog, but of course I axed that blog without a backup, so I lost them all.

Here are a few I found in my email archive.  They are “ewww” as I read them now, but what the heck…

The first one was titled “Flu poem”. I think I wrote it for my better half for an anniversary that was addled with flu ! I must be the only poet (!) in the world to use the word “phlegm” in a poem.

Psychedelic sky
Yellow bus goes by
A kid passes me
Making a fuss.

The drug addled brain
And the stuffy nose
Makes all seem  a dream
Almost comatose

I wait for you
As the day turns dark
Wool in head
Showing truths quite stark

I get a truth
A small epiphany
Not very clear
Sort of grainy

As my stomach churns
And I cough up a phlegm
You are always the man
For my femme.



A song in my soul
First ever in time
Love in my life
Of melody and rhyme.

You touched my  heart
That no one’s reached
With whispers of nothings
And nearness beseeched.

Sweet kisses on brow
Sweet smiles on face
Could life be better
Without your grace?

You are….
Not in the musical note
But the song within
Not the rainbow high
But the hue within
Not the beating heart
But the rhythm within
Not the stars above
But the light within..

The monsoon sky, the clouds roll on,
The lonely wind breaks into song
Could there ever, in mortal, be ,
Another quite such tranquility,
The clouds show her face so fine,
The thunder hides her voice divine,
Love, joy and thoughts engage,
Poems of pleasure to fill the page.

As the sky screams “Ware to all”,
Lest in sleep you chance to fall,
And dreams filter through your sleep,
To kindle the joy you ought to keep,
A gentle rain to torrent wild,
A smiling babe to naughty child,
And waking gives but small relief,
From prowling memories, stalking thief.

But oft as love befalls the man,
He catches moments when he can,
Her gentle face, her whispered word,
The passion felt, not seen or heard,
As days go by with kindred heart,
The vision that is set apart,
Of smiles that played all along,
Another thought became a song

See the rainbow in my sky?
They are your smiles that pass me by
See the hues that blend and merge,
The reds and greens that scatter and splurge
Wrap me in your pink and blue,
Fill me with the colours of you.
A shade slips gently to the next
Sometimes torrent, sometimes specks
The colours beyond the sight of eye
You are the rainbow in my sky.


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