Respectfully mine

With an upcoming possible cyclone in our area (it does not look vicious – it may give us a few showers now and then, but that could be it), I logged on to my favorite weather site. People here are amateur weather enthusiasts, and through last year’s flooding catastrophe, they were accurate with their predictions.  Although the rest of the state is going into panic mode at the supposed low pressure, my weather bloggers don’t believe it will be anything more than passing showers and I believe them.

But that is not the point of this post.  The point is that I occasionally leave comments on their posts and everyone who responds, addresses me as “Madam”.  It never fails to take me aback because “madam” is something that you address a middle aged woman, or you know, the wife of your professor or something.  Oh wait.  I AM both. Hmm. Still, it feels funny to be addressed with respect from people who are about my age. No wait.  A couple of decades younger. Damn, I am not aging gracefully, am I?

This is not a new thing for me though. Innumerable number of people of the male gender have told me that I scare the crap out of people – especially of the male gender. My best friend tells me that back in college, I was a nightmare for his friends who were in awe of him because he was my friend.  Makes a bit of sense considering I have never had a boy who fell in love with me until I was 30, at which time a poor sod didn’t know what hit him until we were way past the honeymoon stage.

It used to bother me a lot a until a few years ago that in my presence, men instinctively straighten up, take a  couple of steps back and talk a few decibels lower lest I send them to bed without dessert.  The few who crossed the barrier and got closer to me, called me “sister”.  I asked my friend (who is probably the only friend of male gender I have who didn’t call me his sister, although his mother made up for it and called me the daughter she never had) why this was so, and he said that I wouldn’t take crap from people and that could put people off. I figured I wasn’t going to change and take crap from people just to stop putting them off.

Now, apart from the surprise that comes when people address me as “madam”, I am glad of the image I portray.  Bow down and worship me, all you there.  Unless you are my friend, in which case, let’s cut the crap and get me a beer.

6 thoughts on “Respectfully mine

  1. Carol

    It comes down to this – I’ll not take any crap from you either, so you can join me for a beer if you’d like. I’ll tell you where I keep it, and where the bottle opener is. Help yourself.

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  2. Maha

    That’s quite flattering actually Madam Gobblefunkist 🙂

    I used to have more friends that were boys than girls in my school and college days but somehow there are very few that have stood the test of time. That makes me sad because I grew up thinking that boys and girls could be friends forever.

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