And we’re on

You could eat off my kitchen floor, counter, or shelves.  Every inch of my body hurts, but the kitchen is spotless.  It won’t remain so for long, so you had better come now and eat off the floor, counter or shelves.  The containers for spices, pulses and everything else have been cleaned, organized and arranged.  Even the china and glassware have been washed to a shine.  The mountain of trash has to wait until tomorrow morning when the garbage collectors come.  But that’s ok.

The fridge is stacked with vegetables for the next two days.

Sambar has been made for tonight’s dinner.  Dosa will be made fresh at dinner time.

Six meals are planned for the next two days: Pongal/Sambar – Adai/Aviyal-Vegetable salad for Monday; Idly/sambar-roti/dal/mixed vegetable/-fruit salad for Tuesday. Can’t think beyond that.

Work-work is organized.  The desktop that has been a dump for all working, finished and pending jobs for a long time now, has been neatly organized with appropriate folders and backed up in the cloud.  There is back breaking work to be done this week, most of all, choosing topics for DoD, DoE and NASA, due Jan.  Stomach churning with anxiety, but I have done this for 17 years of my life, so I’ll survive.  I think.

Clothes are dry.  They have been folded and put away.

The kid’s Medusa-like hair needs heavy duty detangling, which shall be done as soon as I publish this post.  Can you believe that we broke a hair brush on her hair yesterday?

The kid’s uniforms are pressed and organized.

A translation work that I  offered to do for my better half waits to be done.  It shall be done this evening.

The car tank has been filled.  Tyre pressure checked.

Meditation routine upped in anticipation of the hormonal surge this week.

Slippers have dried.

All set for the busy week.  Hope there are no surprises in store this week.


11 thoughts on “And we’re on

  1. leendadll

    i think you cleaned more than I clean it a typical year. and, sadly, that is not an exaggeration… I REALLY hate cleaning and have no allergies to mold, dust, or pollen to motivate me.



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