Vardah phonetically means “Will it come?” in Tamil.  The answer seems to be yes.  The forecast is that a cyclone, named “Vardah”, which in Urdu is supposed to mean “Rose”, will landfall just off the coast of my city, bringing with it anything ranging from 25ft waves/80 knot wind to spritzing breeze.  The progress of this monstrous system through the night over the pond will decide which of this it will be.


Image courtesy; as on Sunday, 11Dec, 2.30 PM.

While I do understand the difficulties that a natural calamity can cause to people, I have always had a soft corner for cyclones, perhaps because I was presumably born in the middle of a raging cyclone many years ago.  Usually, the depression that forms on the Bay would move north or south of us and hit Nellore or Cuddalore, giving us rains without the associated shebang.  About ten years ago, I remember a landfall in my city.  I remember it because my kid was a 2 year old, and overwhelmed with being cooped up inside the house with the child for hours, I dumped her with the father and took a walk in winds that threatened to carry me away.

It is in my bucket list to be at the beach when a cyclone crosses, but that may remain an unfulfilled dream.

Nevertheless, with Varadah around the corner, not quite making up its mind yet, lets keep safe.  And our fingers crossed.


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