Work time

There was a time when the blood was younger,  meals got made by elves (or perhaps grandma), house took care of itself (or by my dad) and all I did was work during deadline times of Dec-Jan-Feb.  During such times, I would brush my teeth as soon as I woke up at 6.30 AM, fresh as a daisy, drink coffee handed to me by dad, and went up to my office room, to work continuously until grandma called me for various meals, until late night (and by that I mean 10 PM), when dad gave me a glass of warm sweet milk to end my busy day.  The net wasn’t as fast as it is now, neither was there so much information available online and while I waited forever for the dial-up modem to connect and search for stuff, I’d scour books and journals, rack my brains with the scientific principles behind a bunch of ideas I was supposed to write up, and at the end of the day, hit the sack and be out like a light.

Now the net is infinitely faster. Any information I need (beyond Rule 34 that is) is available before I even finish the question.  I have had 17 years of doing this, which hopefully makes my brain faster with ideas.  Yet, my limit of continuous work is only 6 hours it seems.  With all breaks thrown in.  At the end of six hours, my brain feels fried to a crisp, I get a migraine, and every bit of my body hurts like I ran a marathon, while all I did was sit with my laptop.  The skin over my thighs are raw.  My eyes are sore.  My fingers ache.  Every joint creaks when I get up.  And when I go to bed at night, I get Kafka dreams of  biopolymer and nano cellulose and graphene and algal ethanol and composites and what not.

Age is a dog, I tell you.

How long can you work continuously before your body and mind break down?


3 thoughts on “Work time

  1. Maha

    Sadly, not very long at all. It’s not the body, but the mind that gives up very easily to distractions all around me and within me. I don’t think I have worked with as much focus as you have described. But I take heart in the fact that I can if I want to going forward. And I want to…!



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