Net is slow, Merry Xmas and other things

It has been nearly a fortnight since Vardah and the net continues to be dicey.  The only saving grace is that the sites that I require for work are accessible because they fall somewhat under the intra-net thing of our neighbourhood.  Otherwise, I’d be a wreck by now.  However, external sites such as WordPress are still loading at glacial speeds, which make me antsy because I can’t get informal words out of my head and clear the way for more formal words.

The past week has been insanely busy.  But I took a day off yesterday although I can’t really afford it.  All work and no play certainly makes me a horrible person, as I understood from an unnecessary tantrum I threw on Thursday.  Besides, yesterday was a day that the kid and I got to ourselves for an overdue mom-daughter day.  And it was fun.  We visited grandparents, went shopping for birthday gift for the kid (roller blades – the kid could balance and blade at first try, I am impressed), tried shopping for a set of clothes for me, but gave up because I took a look at the trial room mirror and got depressed at the tyres, went shopping for accessories and found them gaudy, and culminated it with Star Trek – Rogue something, the movie.  The movie was important for the kid, and that was important enough for me to attend – a sulky heroine, a brooding hero, a blind oriental looking mendicant fellow that irritatingly chants “I am with the force the force is with me” so many times that it makes you want to gouge your eyes out, lots of noise and pyrotechnics, and everybody dying (aww…did I spoil it for you?) in the end is not my idea of a well-spent evening.  Nevertheless, the kid enjoyed it and hence I did.

At the movie – this was the first movie I saw after the Governmental rule to sing the National Anthem at the start.  As usual, the anthem brought tears to my eyes and pride to my heart.  I am such a softy.  My country is pretty shitty (I stood in a queue for more than an hour  to get a piddly amount of money from the bank – my country is probably the most inefficient country in the world, not to mention, unethical, corrupt, unruly and unthinking) but for some reason, I love it.

A college friend visits me this weekend.  I am excited about it.  I have never had a house-guest so far because our house is rather small to entertain, and overnight guests are usually hosted in a guest house in our neighbourhood.  With my better half away this weekend, it was possible to host her at home.  My friend is a bit of a talker and I remember being tired of all constant yackety yack back in time, during the hostel days where she was my neighbour, but I haven’t spoken to her in 15 years, and she only stays for two days, so I am looking forward to it.    I also get to meet some other classmates whom she has arranged to meet over the weekend.

I have a 10000 word document to edit by Monday.  A little nervous about it.  I would have completed it had I not taken yesterday off, but, like I said, I needed the time off.

The kid’s birthday approaches.  My baby will be a teen on new year’s eve.  Why did she have to grow up so fast?

Merry Christmas, all ye folks that celebrate.  May the spirit of the season stay with you throughout the coming year.





7 thoughts on “Net is slow, Merry Xmas and other things

  1. Maha

    I was going to send a note. Glad to know all is well. You will get to that document by hook or crook but that break was worth it. Take care and have fun with your friend. I am off to making banana bread and brownie!


  2. Carol

    We will begin our holiday dinner preparations today – or at least I will get some cranberry sauce made. That may be the extent of it. My two are going to smoke the turkey this year – sort of an experiment, although Kat has done it before she says, so I have high hopes. It will free the oven for the pies and other things that are a traditional part of the holiday dinner. Enjoy your visit with your friend – and remember, it is only a couple of days, and silence will be there when she leaves.


  3. momto2cuddlebugs

    Have a wonderful time with your friend! LOL on abandoning clothes in the fitting room, I usually do the same thing! In fact, when N was exasperated that I am incapable of buying stuff for myself, I told him your story and how you are happy to wear outfits that your MIL buys for you but hate shopping for yourself.



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