Whirlwind days

The bones aren’t as young as they used to be.  At least mine aren’t.  The college friend who was my house guest for 3.5 days,  continues to be the storehouse of all the energy of the world like she used to be, and while I held up well for three days with her, the last half day was exhausting.   The woman left, as energetic as she came, despite not having slept well in a new place, and socialising like there is no tomorrow.  I went to bed and slept like a log for three hours after she left.

It was lovely to be able to go back in time with her, and it helped that a whole bunch of our classmates had come down to our city from various parts of the world, to spend Christmas holidays.  In a mark of amazing coincidence, our juniors had their 20th year reunion in campus and we ran into them as well.  The fact that I now live in the same campus that we studied in (the husband being a prof there) was a big factor for meeting and our house was like an open house these past three days, with guys and girls dropping in and out all hours of the day and night.  I never knew I had it in me to manage a social life centred around my home, but I did well !

It was interesting to see the changes and the similarities of these people from old times.  I noticed the endearing quirks of people I had forgotten – like S, who would always announce “cross” before she crossed roads,  R and her highly Hindi-accented Tamil, J and her amazing memory -I wouldn’t be surprised if she remembered incidents from her previous birth, and G’s natural concern for the girls – “are your husbands treating you girls well?  If not, let me know I will bash them up”

I also remembered the irritating quirks of people – S’s attention span of a gnat, J’s propensity to talk all the time and not let a single word from others edgewise, R’s restless hand movements, G’s need to argue all the time…

“You have quietened” said a friend to me. I have indeed quietened a lot, I could make that out myself when I was with them.  But I feel glad about it.  I wanted to be what I am now, when I was at that age. So maybe I have aged gracefully after all.

Back to the grind now that she has left.  Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Whirlwind days

  1. skirtsanddupattas

    Hey..Hi..discovered you blog today. beautiful place!! This post makes me believe that you stay in IITM campus? I have studied there during post grad, so felt really good. I will read all your posts in the coming days…:)



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