Many of these questions are from the weekend meeting with old classmates.  Some generally like that from life itself…

  1. Why must anyone who learns that we have not owned a television in fifteen years, unfailingly respond with “oh, we have TV but we only watch the Discovery channel”?
  2. Why must stay-at-home-women friends who learn that I work from home, unfailingly respond with “Oh, I used to work, but I quit because I wanted to be there for my child”?
  3. Why must work-from-outside women friends who learn that I work from home, unfailingly respond with “Oh, work from home is useless….there is nothing like going to an office to build work ethics”?
  4. Why do people, meeting me after years, find it compulsive to advice me on how to regrow hair on my scantily covered head – apply onion juice, eat sprouts, don’t use shampoo…
  5. Why must people who are seeking to re-start their paused career, ask me to outsource some of my excess work to them , because you know, I only work from home, so it must be something that anyone can do?  No matter that it has taken me 17 years of struggle and learning to get to where I am.  This one, I am judging nine ways to Sunday.
  6. Why is religion never a private thing?  Why must my Christian long-lost friends immediately talk to me about how forgiving Jesus is? Why must my Iyengar friends be aghast because I, a hard core Iyengar, refused to get branded by samashrayanam?  Why is the fact that my family is made of one atheist, one theist, and one who is still deciding, scandalous to public sensibilities?
  7. Why do social science/management articles refer to women as “female”?  What’s wrong in saying “The sample consisted of men and women”, why must it be “male and female”?  Is it just I who associates the term “male” and “female” to genetalia?  And rats?
  8. Why is ageing a bad thing?  Why must we all convince each other that we look just the same as we looked back in college?  Why must I hide my grey with henna?

13 thoughts on “Questions

  1. The V Pub

    Excellent questions, LG. I feel that people are generally insecure and create reasons for the things that they do. I un-apologetically say that I watch TV for the Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead. Sprinkle a little bit of Warner Bros. cartoons and we have the reason for the existence of TV. 😀

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  2. ss

    As Carol said it is a little bit of – judging, justifying, insecurity, superiority and stupidity.
    Occasionally we all say something stupid…but there are some who do it consistently. It is good to develop a thick skin and limit contact with such folks for our own sanity 🙂


  3. Maha

    Comment to last question. I think it’s awesome that you don’t feel the need to defy aging… hold on to that attitude. Aging bothers me less than what it used to before.

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    1. gobblefunkist Post author

      Ageing bothers me about other things – like the small drop in mental agility, and the deep drop in physical agility, and the sensitive tummy – appearance-wise – I am less insecure now than in my youth !



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