Feeling very scatter brained and distracted.  Perhaps my daughter’s birthday excitement (although there is nothing planned), or new year expectations (don’t know what) or the discomfort of my grandma’s impending first death anniversary mid Jan.  I can’t focus on any thing today.  Which is a bad thing because I have so much work to finish this week.

It is close to eleven, I haven’t showered.  I haven’t planned the meal for today.  I haven’t cleaned.  I haven’t written a word of professional writing.

Send some mojo my way please.


8 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. Maha

    Just reading this, wrong time to send some mojo for you. Get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow. Here’s sending mojo for tomorrow.


  2. Deb

    No mojo needed…your inner self was telling you to chill today and not focus…it needed a time out from everything that’s why you were not accomplishing anything…you weren’t meant to. When you are meant to…you will! 🙂

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