• Awake without hitting the snooze button  at 6 AM: Check.
  • Cook breakfast (Fresh pongal + leftover sambar from yesterday) and lunch (Full dwadasi meal, in that !) by 8 AM: Check.
  • Pack lunch and kid off to school by 8 AM: Check (Whew !)
  • Superficial cleaning of house and kitchen by 8.15 AM: Check
  • Bath by 8.17 AM: Check (Judge not)
  • Left over chores – set out the garbage, light lamp, eat breakfast, drink coffee by 8.30 AM: Check
  • Leave house at 8.30 AM: Check.
  • Walk with better half to his office to work during the morning (to avoid wasting time chitchatting with the gazillion people around the house – maid, garbage collectors, neighbours etc.) : Check
  • Reach office and open the laptop: Check
  • Write and publish blog post: Check (or shortly)
  • Start working: Mmmmmmmmm.  Feed reader beckons.  The client’s red, angry face also appears in the backdrop.  Charming bloggers versus client about to pop a vein.  Tough one, no?

Happy week everyone.


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