And life resumes…

I want to write a long post, but can’t because big-brother client is getting his boxing gloves on, what with a NASA deadline looming ahead on 20th and tempers and blood pressures going out of bounds all over.  I know things are on war-footing ahead when I get an email at 2 AM from the client saying “Your proposal is FULL OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS” when he found one single typo in a 5000-word document.  This typo was not my doing either, but the computer misinterpreting my rapid keyboard strokes and filling out what it thought was the  word (“principle” instead of “principal”).  Sometimes it would be nice if the computer would leave the thinking to me.  It would also be nice if the client did not exaggerate things, but then, all is fair apparently during deadline times.

My hysteric client notwithstanding, I love deadline times.  It puts my brain on hyperdrive, and I get an almost drugged high when that happens.  Just like exams did when I was young.  My daughter thinks I am weird.  I may be.

Wish me luck for the NASA deadline.

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