Must stop

…reading the newspaper in the morning.  Not good starting the day off with seething anger, no?

I read “The Hindu” for local and international news, and “The Guardian” for Western news (“international” is different from “western” in my mind).  Both invariably make me nervous for the future of this world.

Did you know India is on the red watch list for corruption?  Of course we did, but seeing it in print makes my stomach lurch.

And what’s with the orange fellow elsewhere?  I don’t give a damn about his wall or even his anti-abortion sentiments (because I didn’t live there during the reproductive phase of my life, although I pity the women who do), but his oil-rigging and anti climate stance could cost the whole world. Hmm.



One thought on “Must stop

  1. Carol

    Yeah. Exactly. So what is it that makes so many of us so eager to believe and support this man who spews lies and needs to be the biggest and the best? I’m not sure which is most frightening.

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