• On top of everything else, I started a flu.  Yay.
  • Three more days to the deadline, two more proposals to write.  I think I won’t be able to make it.
  • One more day of ceremonies.  The last one appears to be the big one, considering how many people my dad has invited.  Am very nervous.
  • I want to write something interesting but nothing comes to mind.
  • After the deadline, I want to take a day completely off and do things that I have been putting off for two months now.  Cleaning the house comes to mind.  I also desperately need to buy new clothes .  The three daily wear ones are beyond redemption.
  • I am way back on reading posts on my WP reader.  I am beginning to get withdrawals.
  • I wish my right eye would stop twitching.  I think the twitch is because of an inflamed sinus, but the superstition is that right eye twitch is an indication of trouble.  As much as I try to poo poo it as superstition, I am nervous.
  • I watched La La Land recently.  Was bored to death.  Why is it hyped so much?  Yeah, some of the songs and dance sequences were good, but the movie was terribly boring. I’d rather watch movies like “Singing in the rain” or “Everyone says I love you” if I wanted to watch a musical.

So long.


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