Done and done

  1. Deadline met.  All commitment delivered.  A few skirmishes along the way, but that is to be expected when 70000 words get written in seven days.
  2. The adrenalin slump I had feared has not happened.  Perhaps because I am still too exhausted from the marathon writing sessions.
  3. Gramma’s annual ceremony went off without any skirmishes. I strangely feel relieved  And the grief seems to have abated too.  I suppose I had subconsciously set the anniversary as a deadline for grief recovery.  I still miss her, but I don’t feel like breaking down every time I think of her.  I suppose this is why they have such ceremonies – to trick the mind into milestones.
  4. Flu – wasn’t too severe, but still there.  I don’t mind this level of flu.
  5. The house was worse than a pigsty over the past twenty days of ignoring its existence.  I started off at the dirtiest of them all – the kid’s room. Amazing how not dusting a room for 20 days can make it a hotbed of Filth.  And the capital letter was intentional.  The room is squeaky clean.  Kitchen’s next.
  6. Backburner jobs must now come to the foreground.  I know I am a little behind there, but that’s only human, I suppose.
  7. The kid chipped her tooth on a broken swing accident last week.  Get to meet her dentist shortly.  Looking forward to it because the dentist’s wife is my childhood friend, and she lives right behind the hospital.
  8. The kid got a Diana haircut.  She has frizzy hair, so her hair defies gravity and sticks up like a halo, but she loves it, and that’s what matters to me.

Hopefully more blogging henceforth…


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