The devil and the deep blue sea where we are caught now on the political front.  The political situation in my home state feels like a railway station toilet that has not been cleaned in a week.  I feel frustrated  because it seems that there is nothing I or any non-political civilian can do, not only because we don’t have the power, but because we don’t even know what to fight for anymore.  If I were the governor of my state or the president of this country, I’d suspend the government (not that it is functioning in the first place) and impose the president’s rule here, but that is at best, a short-term solution.  President rule cannot continue indefinitely, there must be local governance set up at some point, and there seem absolutely no party that is fit for governance anymore.  It is in times like these that I hate myself for not taking more responsibility towards my country.  I am a bloody coward.

A young (~21 years old) boy visited us yesterday after spending a couple of months in Shanghai, training in the new Chinese company he has been recruited into.  I overheard him say “the Chinese are so wonderful, they work for their country.  Indians have no pride in their country”.  I wanted to bunch up his collar and go “what stops YOU from working for your country, you hypocrite?”  – this is the chap who was trained by the Indian Government so that he can work for a Chinese company and deride his countrymen.  “China is so clean”, he adds.  This is probably the guy who would forward WhatsApp messages mocking our prime minister’s Swatch Bharat campaign.

I recently read a review of a novel wherein the reviewer says (and I summarise) of the heroine of the book “the heroine is fabricated, because a 35+ old woman who is savvy enough to drive car, smart enough to make intelligent jokes, interesting enough to groom herself (e.g., have a manicure, as is described in the novel) after (or despite, going by his tone) having a baby and intelligent enough to make quick decisions can only be a figment of your imagination”.  I thought I was going to die of stroke.

I need to up my meditation schedule, I can see.


3 thoughts on “The devil and the deep blue sea

  1. The V Pub

    I can’t speak for issues in your country, LG, but I was shocked to read the he said that China was clean. We see a lot of photos here in the US that shows Chinese citizens wearing face masks because of the air quality.



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