I have always been indifferent to politics.  Partly because of the glass-half-full-attitude of “the rope of justice may be long, but it will reach eventually” and the glass-half-empty-attitude of “whatever happens, a democracy would neither fall from average or rise above it”.

For the first time in my 44 years of existence I am terrified about my state and its political milieu.  I don’t use the word “terrified” lightly.  Today, a court verdict is expected that would decide the fate of my state.  If it goes one way, we will slide around the gentle downward trajectory slope that we’ve been travelling since the nation’s independence.  If it goes the other way, we will free fall and crash into abject anarchy.  My glass-half-full-attitude has taken a  hike because I am still not out of the history of the spiral another democracy has fallen into in recent times.  I have come to believe that the public sentiment on social media is always overridden by the unspoken sentiments of more people NOT on social media.  Furthermore, I believe that the rope of justice has been frayed beyond repair and all it takes is a tug to snap it.

I am horror struck.  I love my state and my country, and I can’t see it go down like this.


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