This and that…

Remember how I whooped a couple of days ago about the political situation not going down the toilet in my state?  I was premature.  While a disaster was averted by the supreme court, it could not stop another mishap yesterday – the puppet of the evil lady who went to jail, became the chief minister.  I was nauseated all of yesterday and kept avoiding thinking about it.  Tomorrow’s call for confidence vote could potentially seal our fate or liberate us somewhat.  I fear that it would be the former because of the rigidness of democratic guidelines.  I feel very nervous.  As is my entire state, I suspect.


I am sipping Twinning’s Earl Grey tea as I write.  I love it.  It has been more than a year since I had this tea, because it is fairly expensive, and I always put it in my basket at the aisle only to cancel it from the bill at the counter.  I am cheap that way.


Just in, a comedy of errors.  I have been translating some official documents from English to Tamil for a local client.  I thought I was done with that job, but the chap called me and said he was sending me another document.  I automatically translated the document (spent an hour on translation) and sent it to him.  I get a mail from him a couple of minutes back saying that he only needed my signature in the document, which was an attestation that I have translated the earlier documents, for filing purposes.  I would have been very annoyed with him for not telling me what to do when he sent the document, had the situation not been so hilarious !


I got a new Kindle paper white as a gift for Valentine’s day from my family.  So cute, no?  I really needed it.  A single Kindle was being volleyed between the husband and me for the past month.  I suspect he got it more to get my paws off his device.  I ain’t complaining

The first book I started reading on my new Kindle is Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. I had read this once many many years ago, and had forgotten how I loved it.  I am rediscovering the glory of wry humour in the book.  It is a welcome relief from Lord of the Rings that I have been struggling with for the past month and a half.  It started off well enough, but I suspect I am too old for fantasy.  At least for now.


I keep mentioning the technology-related articles I write for a client.  I didn’t have the courageto own it here until now.  I write articles for a client’s blog  – the blog entries are teasers for the articles that are published in HuffPost under the name of the CEO, with co-credit to me. (the “co” is silent).  Some of the blog entries are general, while some turn out more cerebral than required for a blog, like last week’s.  So if you are interested in technology related topics, do drop by and read them.  While you are there, you may consider “liking” the HuffPost article if you have FB, if only to up my stock with the client.Even if you are not interested in technology related topics, your presence and like will be much appreciated !


Watched Queen of Katwe yesterday.  I cried.  The last time I cried for a movie before last night was for the last song (“Little Wonders“) in Meet the Robinsons, many years ago.  Either PMS time, or am getting soft in the head.


Choppy weekend ahead.  Hope I handle it well.


Happy weekend folks.


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